The Boy Who Dropped An Egg On The World

Quotes and Reviews

“Jack's Hard Rub is a new company….assuming they have the sense to stay together and work together, you'll be able to tell all your friends that you saw them first.”
Ged Quayle, British Theatre Guide

"Brimming with hate and overflowing with love..."
Adam Ford, Dreaming Neon Black Website

“the show is strong, articulate, clear and challenging, the writing often beautiful and painful”
Ian Flintoff, Pitchfork Productions

Review by Adam Ford, for Dreaming Neon Black Website
22nd September, 2007

"the script by turns poetically beautiful and grittily brutal, despairing and humourous.....the audience couldn't help but be drawn in by the cast's magnetic performance."
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Review by Mark Langshaw for Nerve Magazine
Tuesday 24th July, 2007

“Set in a café in the heart of the war-ravaged Middle East, this is essentially a religious morality play, a battle between good and evil with prominent social commentary. The paths of an American soldier, a young boy prone to prophetic dreams, two local intellectuals and a seemingly deranged bereaving mother, all cross when a sandstorm of cataclysmic proportions forces them to shelter inside the café. There is much more to this fascinating cast of characters than meets the eye. Each has fathomless depth, representing great ideals or personifying the terrible consequences war and subjugation bring to a country and its populace.”
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Review by Lee Robinson for The Lace Market Theatre Website
Thursday 12th July, 2007

“Using the 2nd Iraq war as a backdrop, it ties in those familiar themes of imperialism, ideological conflict, dogma, loss of community, religious fervour, moral crusading, unfettered greed and…erm…eggs......
.......not for the light hearted. Explicit descriptions of both sex and violence are recurrent. It is heavy, dark and demanding but also rousing, astute and highly contemporary.....the boy who dropped an egg on the world is a resolute and incensed as a theatrical political statement. This play is a bold and inspired foray into the most controversial and disturbing episode the 21st century has seen thus far.”
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Review by Christine Gowns for The Lace Market Theatre Website
Friday 13th July, 2007

“A great play! Thought provoking, sad and a humorous view of cultures colliding! Dark and complex, this play is brought to life through a high standard of acting from a strong cast. Whilst ‘The Boy’ highlights the forgotten beauty of innocence that is childhood, Iyad’s high energy and charisma will keep you captivated through-out! A wonderful mystical story, with surprises a plenty, a must see for all!”


"I've seen a lot of theatre over the years in this land of philistines and this is great, brilliant....."
Kenneth Redgrave

"I enjoyed this play. It is powerful and intense and portrays strong emotions. The realistic and the mythic in the writing works well and it does what all good drama should do - it asks more questions than it answers. There are no 'stars' and the ensemble acting is excellent throughout."
Kathryn Hobson

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